What health and quality of life tips should I prioritize in the food re-education process?


The ones that make more sense in your current reality of life! Yes that's right! There are thousands of health tips and quality of life , but not all of them are possible to achieve right away or do not fit into your life at that time. That is why you should put into practice the easiest and most meaningful ones first.

Only if you do this, you will already be doing a great good for your mental health, because this quest for perfection does not do well. If some health and quality of life tips can not be put into practice now, no problem, focus on what you get and what brings you well-being.

Understood this step, we can follow with some health tips and quality of life. I'll suggest five, and by the end of the reading, you can list which ones are most important and easy to put into practice, OK? No pressure!

Health Tips and Quality of Life
Hydrate yourself - One of the most important health and quality of life tips would be to increase water consumption, since a dehydrated body becomes weaker, confuses thirst with hunger, can "catch" the intestine etc. Buy pretty bottles, leave one in the room, one at work, one in the bag, one in the car. Try placing alarm clocks on your cell phone to remind you to drink water. Put fruit, ginger or mint in the water to make it more palatable.

Do not believe in miracles - Stop following fitness bloggers and lay people who pass on "health tips and quality of life." In addition to these people engaging in illegal activity in the profession, their information is based on Google's research and fads, and does not take into account the individual's biological individuality. And bloggers still have an aggravation, show manipulated realities that only generate frustration in those who have a "normal" life. Stop following these people, your mental health thanks.

Increase fruit consumption - As soon as you arrive from the marketplace, let the fruit be washed and cut, buy very nice little pots to carry them. Test new recipes. How about trying a new fruit a week?

Be more active - This is also one of the most important health and quality of life tips today, as sedentary lifestyle has caused more deaths than other risky habits. Use more stairs instead of elevators, use common stairs instead of moving, get off the bus one spot ahead of schedule.

Sleep longer - A body that does not rest is a body that does not work right, which saves calories by lowering your metabolism, and which increases the appetite for caloric foods in search of fast energy.

Source: https://articlesonhealth.net