Bearded dragon (Physical appearance)


It is the best known example of the genus of pogona, the magnificent bearded dragon is also known as pogona vitticeps . It is an omnivorous and terrestrial animal, which enjoys the breeze in the trees. Its name comes from the prominent beard that swells at the time of mating or in the defense of its territory.


Physical appearance

The bearded dragon is a lizard with a large triangular head surrounded by spiny scales. It has the ability to inflate these scales at the time you feel threatened and color them black. In addition, in the rest of the body, the bearded dragon also shows spiny scales.

In general, the males measure 60 centimeters and weigh 450 grams, they are usually somewhat larger than the females. In addition, sexual dimorphism allows us to differentiate easily: males have femoral pores within the bundles.

They can be many different colors including green, gray, brown, reddish or orange. Colors can modify them to regulate their temperature as well as to express their mood.

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