How much time do I need to clean my computer?


As to the periodicity of this cleaning , there is no recommended time to clean this data. Each case needs to be analyzed.

That's because these files are used by the browser, and by the websites, to offer more agility and better browsing experience.

Therefore, the ideal is to delete them only when your existence begins to disrupt the performance of the browser . In this way, it is recommended that the user be aware of the performance of the browser, if, as already mentioned, it is slow or if it is also crashing.

If one of these options manifests itself, clearing these files is a good idea. Incidentally, all computer cleaning should be done with caution!

Who cleans the computer?

Often we can not perform the necessary cleanings, either for lack of practice or even for fear of touching where we do not know.

So having a technical support is essential. A specialized support can do this cleaning and even carry out preventive maintenance so that your computer will have a much longer life.

If this is your case we advise you to find a computer technical assistance to assist you in the process.