Kitchen Countertop: Exclusive


When we build or remodel, in addition to all the building material, design and hiring service providers, we have to pay attention to detail, after all, they make all the difference. A good example is the kitchen countertop, which serves as a living room / kitchen division on American kitchen models , can be used with kitchen stools, and also helps cook and support appliances.

A very common question when choosing a kitchen counter is which material is best. Each stone has its pros and cons and that's what we'll talk about here. Check out our tips and the examples of kitchen countertops we have set for you!

The main kitchen countertops

There are six materials that stand out when we talk about kitchen countertops: silestone , quartz, granite, corian and nanoglass. Although they are all very beautiful, features like resistance and price vary greatly.

To get the ideal stone choice you want to use on your kitchen countertop , consider how often you use the environment, what activities you will use the surface, how much you can spend, space - especially if it is a planned kitchen small - and, of course, the look you want to achieve.


This type of stone is made of natural quartz, has a great variety of colors and has both hardness and strength as its great advantages. In addition, the silestone is also stain resistant, because of these characteristics is very suitable for the kitchen countertops. Its value, however, is a little salty, varying around R $ 2 thousand per m².


Quartz is like a cheaper version of silestone and can give a very similar effect to the environment on a kitchen countertop. The value, however, is lower, being in the house of R $ 1 thousand.

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