Machine Definition


A machine is a set of mobile and fixed elements whose operation makes it possible to take advantage of, direct, regulate or transform energy , or perform work for a specific purpose. is called machinery (from Latin machinarĭus ) the set of machines that apply to the same end of the mechanism that gives movement to a device.

In general, machines can be classified into two major categories:

(1) Simple machines : (2) Engines and other complex machines. Examples are pulleys that control 100 H on their strings as you will see in the image.

Different classifications of the types of machines can be made depending on the aspect under which they are considered. Attending to the previously described components.

These classifications are not exclusive, but complementary, so to define a certain type of machine it will be necessary to refer to the three aspects.

Another classification of the machines is their utility or use , so can be considered drills , elevators , compressors , balers , juicers , etc. The list is endless, because the human being has always pursued the design and construction of ingenios to get with them jobs that can not be done using their own strength and ability or to perform those jobs with greater comfort.

These are not all classifications, but there are others, which can be: machine, simple machine and machine as a tool.

They can also be classified by the type of flow they process: machines that process energy, machines that process materials, machines that process information.

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